Details of chiropractic therapy and its cost

If you have multiple problems in your spine, hip bone, shoulder or neck which is causing continuous pain and you are taking medicines or consulting different doctors since years and your pains are still there to stay then you must consider taking chiropractic therapy. Since chiropractors recommend many sessions people think that it may cost a lot but the fact is that it leaves the patients stunned because it is very much cheaper as compared to other medical treatments. You can say that it costs $30 per session and maximum $70 per session if you have to take the advanced sessions.

The most cheap and trustworthy chiropractors in Dubai, UAE are truly professional. They charge less because they already know that any other kind of treatment is expensive in UAE and since it requires minimum processes to get the patient in good condition. But if the condition of the patient is not getting stable by the normal therapy the chiropractors have to recommend MRI Scanning. Just for back pain it can cost up to $100 and if the therapist suggests the MRI of whole body it costs $400. And this process is just one-time thing and if needed it will be needed after 5 to 6 months.

Therapists also suggest EMG or SMG which is used to measure your muscles internally. This shows all the details about your muscles and shows where the problem is, this process is also done once or after many months after the care on patients demand otherwise the therapists don’t recommend. This process costs $200. With this process the Thermography is also important step which is used to measure the energy and heat in your nerves and in which nerve. This helps the therapists in pin pointing the exact location of the discomfort which sometime patients fail to explain properly. This also done just once and it costs between $200 to $500 depending upon whether the therapist suggests of specific area of body or for the whole body.

After all different tests and reports, if the patient is not getting any better by the regular or normal treatment, then the therapists suggest laser treatment which reduces the pain and swelling in the area where it is hurting, if there is any. This treatment is done more than 1 times and it costs $200 per visit.

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