Quick guide to renewal of trade license

A legal document which allows your company to conduct trade and business based on some legal rights and laws is known as trade license. Department of Economic Development also known as DED has a completely different monitoring and licensing procedure for those companies who are established outside of freezone.

Trade license renewal Dubai should not be as complicated as the first time. There is a need of some general documents such as tenancy contract registration certificate along with a copy of current business or trade license which is about to expire. If you have business partners or shareholders maybe, then a copy of their passports will also be required. Best pro services in Dubai will help you in this renewal task and you will be free from all the hurdles.

The task will surely get complicated if you have some new and different additions to your business or company. These additions can be new shareholders or new services that you have introduced. Some people are often unsure about their company names and switch it once their license renewal date is near. You can do any kind of additions and subtractions all depending on you and your business, but as mentioned earlier, you will be having a difficult time to get it renewed.

There are two different ways of license renewal; offline process and online process. But the steps are almost pretty much the same. If you choose the online renewal platform then make sure that you have an account set up on portal which enables you to make online payments and submission of documents as well. It is convenient as you will not have to be physically present everywhere and someone can do it on your behalf so you can focus on work.

For offline platforms, be aware of your license expiry date. Make sure that you turn your license in for renewal a month earlier from the expiry date. Your company’s tenancy renewal is also important even before you process your license renewal.

The steps are pretty easy. All you do is fill out the form, attach required documents and pay out the fees. The moment you pay fees, your license renewal must get processing and it will be there with you in no time.